The music we use for maypole dancing is a selection of regional Northumbrian and British folk tunes, popular for years which we hope people will recognise. They are all easily found online, in public libraries and in music shops. For local Northumbrian tunes we tend to use the Northumbrian Pipers’ Tune Books as reference material.

For the historical dances we use the tune given for the individual dance where possible, and if no tune exists we use an appropriate tune of the same date.

Sixteenth Century Branles (brawls) by Thoinot Arbeau include the Pease Branle, Hermit’s Branle and Horses Branle.

Seventeenth Century Playford favourites include Sellenger’s Round, or The Beginning of the World, All in a Garden Green and Gathering Peascods.

Eighteenth Century dances include The Fandango, Hunt the Squirrel, Dartford Camp and The Duke of Kent’s Waltz.